Fondo Blanco Tapa BAU Tapas para bandejas autoservicio en
polipropileno alimentario de alta calidad
Tira colores NON TOXIC Tapa BAU Tapa BAU Tapa BAU Tapa BAU Ideal para un transporte
higiénico y seguro
Tapa BAU Bandeja
Fondo Blanco Conservación y distribución de
alimentos en condiciones óptimas
de temperatura e higiene
Tira colores NON TOXIC Bandejas isotérmicas Bandejas Isotérmicas B1 y B2
CBC Bellvis logotipo 100 Aniversario En 2015 celebramos nuestro 100 Aniversario Un siglo de experiencia en la manipulación y transformación del acero.
Somos pioneros en la transformación del acero inoxidable.
Máxima garantía de calidad en todos nuestros productos.
Diapo Historia Poseemos la patente
de la Olla Express
Desde el año 1924 CBC Bellvis olla exprés en Acero Inoxidable

CBC Bellvis. Handling and transformation of stainless steel.

We are a versatile metal processing company, manufacturing our own products but also offering global solutions to the different requirements of our customers such as bespoke metal transformation or metal processing, always with stainless steel as the starting point. A few examples:

• High pressure cookers from 15 litres to 160 litres.
• Pressure equipment.
• Autoclave.
• Pots and pans.
• Cylindrical and modular boiling pans.
• Isothermal equipment.
• Kitchen equipment, stainless steel self-service trays.
• Carros de acero extrafuertes: de transporte de guías, encastrables, de almacenamiento y secado de bandejas, de servicio y carros especiales.
• Deposits.
• Enclosures.
• Furniture.
• Coin, document and package transfer trays, wall brackets.

CBC Bellvis isothermals in Stainless Steel

CBC has the necessary resources to perform all type of work including bespoke, cutting, deformation, welding, polishing and cleaning-packaging. Our machinery meets all the security and regulatory standards. The plant is divided into three sections: FACTORY, POLISHING and WAREHOUSE.

We would like to thank for the trust placed on CBC to all the people, companies and entities that have helped us to continue offering the best products and stainless steel works after more than 100 years. We will continue working day after day to continue offering high quality products.

We will continue working day after day to continue offering high quality products.